Your Magic–that thing you do with ease. That gift you have to transform. That medicine that you give to your clients.

Yes, that…has incredible value.

Your magic is needed in this world.

You might think it’s not important enough to charge for it.

You might think that it’s not difficult enough to be paid well for it.

>>>>>>>> This is a mind trick. <<<<<<<<

Why is this a trick?

We often think that when something is not difficult, it doesn’t hold a lot of value.

This is tied to the limiting belief that we have to work really hard and put in loads of struggle to get anywhere and succeed.

Please do not let this limiting belief stop you.

Your magic is only easy for you. <<<This is why you are needed to share it.

Just like you are willing to pay for expert help, others are willing to pay you for gifts.

This is a win-win-win!

Your client gets to thank you in advance by paying for your gifts and the transformation that’s on its way…

…AND your clients paying you actually starts the transformation for them. Read that again.

Investing to work with you prepares them and opens them for the next step. After all, the decision to change IS a change itself and is the first step.

And then you get the energic fuel from that money to honor your magic, effort, time, and energy.

Yes, you get to be well-paid and well cared for as a healer, coach, and leader because it’s what is right for your client and it’s right for you.

As you allow yourself to receive appreciation in the form of money, you will open up to receiving in other areas of your life. Then you get to give from your overflow rather than ever worrying about depletion or burnout of your resources and gifts.

Are you well-paid and well cared for as an entrepreneur in your field?

Do you want to be? It’s up to you.

It’s all up to you!

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