Feel better. Achieve more.

I work with visionary women leaders, coaches, and healers who are looking to up-level their business and grow personally and professionally. If that’s you, you will quickly learn how to help you shift your mindset, change your thought patterns and stress responses, and use positive, attractive language to your advantage. If you are ready to attract and receive MORE(YES! Wanting and getting more is not just okay, it’s a natural desire and result of being a visionary woman like you), release stress, and see life and your business from a new perspective… lets get to work! It’s YOUR time to enjoy success in your business and relationships, and to live the life you have always wanted!

As a Transformational Hypnotist and Mindset Coach, I help people get UNSTUCK by freeing themselves from old, negative emotion, thought, and behavior patterns to find their self-worth and JOY. I give people a space to stop judging themselves and start loving themselves. I encourage people to love, trust, accept, and respect themselves(and others) and enjoy life without negative judgment.

I designed Whole Life Happy first as a method of hypnosis and then coaching, and later, as the basis for a Community of Women seeking an “Extraordinary Life” to help them create a life they love. Whole Life Happy Coaching is based on the concept that YOU and your relationship with YOURSELF are at the core of everything you touch. 

When you are happy and thriving…so is your whole life.

When your relationship with yourself and the understanding of your values strengthens, everything strengthens. Your religious or spiritual practices get stronger, your relationship with your partner deepens, if you’re not with a partner yet–you’ll feel the confidence and the openness to attract the RIGHT partner, your relationships with your children becomes deeper and more fun, your purpose/calling/career/business becomes more focused and fulfilling, your definition of and relationship with success strengthens, your relationship with your body and your definition of health becomes clear, your relationship and comfort level with money becomes more achievable, your relationship with your emotions and reactions is easier, the depth and quality of your friendships feels more comfortable, your contributions to your community become more frequent, and even your stewardship to the earth grows a deeper respect.

You can learn to feel comfortable and respectful with yourself and the world around you.

When you feel in balance–in your mind + body + spirit–you can allow happiness and joy into your whole life. You can allow yourself to create and to live a full and rich life. All of the answers are already there, right inside of you. And you can find each answer. I’ll guide you, step by step. You’re never alone. I believe in YOU.

If you are interested in hypnosis with me, please visit HealWithHypnosis.com or click here to book your consultation.

As your Mindset Coach, I get the pleasure of helping you:

  • Create your dream schedule–one that energizes you rather than drains you
  • Allow beautiful love in your life–loving yourself
  • Decide how much time you want to work
  • Decide how much money you want to make
  • Create the plan, packages, and programs achieve your financial goals
  • Create clarity of your personal values and your business values
  • Learn to make decisions based on your values
  • Discover who your clients really are and who you want to work with
  • Create a mindset to attract those customers to you
  • To speak in a positive, attractive way so people are excited and eager to work with you
  • Create a lifestyle and business that feels like YOU, not like you think you should feel
  • Open your mindset to abundant thinking
  • …and so much more.It’s time for you to feel like you are building a life–not just getting by or a business–not just going to a job that you created for yourself. You deserve more. I want to help you get it.


Most Popular Hypnosis + Coaching Packages

Your journey is uniquely yours, and Rebecca is happy to customize packages. Below are the most popular packages that clients have found to be successful.

Clarity Package


Discover and resolve blocks, refocus on your vision, gain clarity for the path ahead.

60-minute Get Acquainted Conversation
1 Full Day Mindset Retreat – 6 hours together
1 (1-hour) Mentoring Phone Call
Email Support

Elevate Package

 6 months

Take your vision to the next level by creating and activating mindset strategies + systems

60-minute Get Acquainted Conversation
12 (2-hour) Zoom video conferencing hypnosis + strategy sessions
Voxer and Email Support

Limitless Leader Package

12 months (Only 1 spot remains!)

Create a meaningful, passionate life by your design. Grow and achieve more than you thought possible. During this program we will heal old programs and wounds, elevate your mindset and get crystal clear on everything you want for your life. Design your life and business for the way you want to live. And implement upleveled strategies for getting and keeping the FREEDOM you want. 

60-minute Get Acquainted Conversation
1 Half Day Live or Virtual Mindset Retreat
Monthly Zoom video conferencing sessions
Weekly tasks and check-ins
Voxer and Email Support

How to sign up? Simple. Book your consult here and we will get things set up and scheduled for you. With limited packages available, they will fill quickly. Call or email with any questions. I’m here for you. I can’t wait to help you rock your biz and your life!
Love, Rebecca

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