Some days just straight up stink.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now that feels painful, unfair, unjust, scary, and even sickening.

It can be difficult at times not to get swept up in convos about it on news, social media, or even around the dinner table.

That’s the freaking trick. Because mostly we can’t fix it.

Getting caught up in it takes us away from what we can do.

That’s when feelings of fear for what could happen and even guilt of having a good life can set in.

I’m going to be frank. When we get swept up and then fill with yucky feelings that stop us in our tracks, it is a BS DISTRACTION.

Yes, that kind of BS. The thing that becomes the distraction takes us away from our own personal development, our own mission, our own purpose, and even the pursuit of finding our purpose.

There’s so much we cannot change, what other people do, say, think, act, eat, listen to, believe in, etc.

But there’s so much we can change, our mind, our thoughts, our feelings, how we think, how we behave, how we react, what to do next, etc.

That’s quite a lot.

Yes. It’s enough to fill up our days and nights for years.

SO when things turn to $#!+, focus on what you can do. Focus on how you can do or be just a little bit better in the moment.

Focus on what you can do–how you can communicate better, feel better, love more, keep better boundaries, work in your standards, help who you can serve, how you can make a ripple.

Allowing yourself to stay distracted in fear or guilt keeps you from connecting with all the good you can be doing.

And you are needed to do your good, be your good, and make good things happen.

Some days you might need to fight the distraction harder than others.

That’s okay.

It’s worth it.

You are worth it.

Your mission is worth it.

Get back to it.

If you need help to refocus and get your vibe up, stop in, and chat in the OWN YOUR MAGIC Facebook group. We can get back on track and rise together. That’s why I created it.

I believe in you.