You may wonder why I talk about your Vision for your life all the time.

It’s tough to know what route to take if you don’t know where you are going.

To create the steps or plan your route, you need to plug in the destination.

If you don’t have a desired outcome or destination, you just know that you want something else…you can spend years and even your whole life looking for it.

Many people chase and search for that something else for years.

Some people toy with it because they are worried that their whole life will have to be turned upside down to get it.

But you don’t have to chase or play hide-and-seek with it.

Get quiet.

Listen to your thoughts.

If you know what you don’t want, write that down.

Then take all of those things you don’t want and turn them into statements about what you do want.

You may discover it’s different than what you thought it was.
You may discover that as you’ve changed, so has your Vision.
You may discover it’s a feeling.
You may discover it’s that you have a message to share with the world.
You may discover that it’s one thing…or even many things.

Write it all down.

Spend a little time reviewing it and thinking about how it can be in your life now.

Maybe not all of it.

Maybe just one little thing that could be in your life today.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Open and up, and be honest with yourself.

Once you’ve found that clarity, you’ll notice that the more often you think about and review and refine your Vision, the more your mind will notice things that can help you get there.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Let it be simple.

Know your destination and path will show itself to you.

Create a special week for yourself.