You have wisdom and magic to share with the world.

You have a dream of changing things for the better.

You have a vision for your life that is extraordinary!

That vision begins with you.

To make that happen for yourself, you have to honest about what is stopping you.

It could be some distraction or excuse that says you’re not enough.

The biggest one I’ve heard lately is that there is shame around wanting more and that we should focus on being grateful instead.

We are taught to be grateful for what we are given and not be greedy.

I believe in being in the vibration of gratitude by the way.

But sometimes we carry our “gratitude” from a place of “I’m not important or special, so I’ll be super-duper overly-grateful for every freaking morsel.”

And that style of gratitude isn’t the true vibration of gratitude.

It’s unworthiness…and often guilt or even shame for being excited to receive.

That’s not magical.

It’s not Divine.

That’s not living extraordinary wealth and happiness.

That’s let-me-distract-them-from-my-unworthiness-with-my-gratitidue.

You’re not lower or less than, dear one.

The truth is you are special, valuable, and worthy.

You can be grateful AND open to receiving.

You really can have it all.

YOU DESERVE your heart’s desire.

Take some time to journal about what it feels for you to receive.

• How does it feel when a friend gives you a gift. How do you behave?
• How do you feel when someone buys your coffee in line? Do you immediately have to pay for the next person, or do you soak up the love?
• How do you feel when you receive flowers or a card?
• How do you feel when you buy things for yourself?
• How do you feel when you do self-care? Is it a to-do list or lovingly giving to yourself?
• When you might be overly-grateful or feeling unworthy. When you
• Do you feel guilty for wanting more?
• Do you feel shame for how big your dreams have gotten?

These are limits, dear sister…but you are limitless. No wonder they feel so yucky.

As you journal, try to avoid judgment and start to infuse love and acceptance.

Let me know how it goes.

My expertise is helping you breakthrough and dissolve limiting beliefs and blocks around being confident, happy, wealthy, rich, visible, successful, and more. Hit reply and let me know that you’re ready for more, and I’ll see if my program, Extraordinary Wealth is right for you right now.

I can’t wait to see you shine!

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Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.