Quick question…

What is your income goal?

I’d love to know the answer, and more importantly, I’d love to know how you arrived at it and how you and your body feel about it.

I have a revenue goal, a profit goal, a personal income goal, and more! I’ve been at this a long time so I better!

These numbers are important truthtellers about what you believe is possible and whether you are thriving or just getting by.

When I asked that question, did you:

  • Want to shut it down and not answer it?
  • Think about what your expenses are and just cover those?
  • Think about that big pie-in-the-sky number that you dream of but have no idea how to get there?
  • Know your numbers instantly because you think about them every day or every week?

Remember no judgment, no matter what your answer.

Wherever you are is right where you are. You get to grow from here.

This question is important because it speaks to your ability to receive, your fears around success and/or failure, your worthiness, what you think you can get versus what is actually possible for you, and more.

Your body was also answering along with your mind.

When you answered the question, how did your body feel? Any tension, heart racing, a lump in your throat, tension in your chest, headache, or stomachache? These aren’t bad! They are clues!

Take a breath and give yourself some love.

All of these responses can come up when we are thinking about our money and feeling blocked.

So now you know.

All you have to do is begin to take a deeper look at your current answers and what your heart really wants (and why).

Then if there is anything standing in your way, I’m here to help.

Best news of the day? A money block isn’t permanent. Think of it like a cloud in the sky. It can drift and dissolve.

If you’ve identified some blocks and you’re ready to learn how to dissolve them, I’d love to share more about my EXTRAORDINARY WEALTH program and community. All you have to do is reach out and tell me you’re ready, and I’ll share more.

We are here this year to make you a Wealthy Woman. Let’s do it.

Drop me a message and say, “I’M READY!”

Talk to you soon! 



About the Author:

Rebecca Wiener McGregor is an Amplifier of Love and catalyst for breakthroughs! She shares her gifts as a transformational hypnotist + money mindset coach committed to helping visionary women live their Truth, step into their Divine Purpose, and create the life of their dreams. Since 2004, Rebecca has helped thousands of clients to release old blocks, traumas, loss, and hidden fears to find a deeper sense of self-worth and determination to live life on their own terms. Using that self-worth and determination as fuel to create the life they’ve been dreaming of with deeper connection, more joy, more impact, wealth, and more fun!

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