Remember a few months ago when you had a great big vision for 2020?

What was that?

Is it still hanging around, or have you disconnected from it?

Do you think you can still have it?

Do you think you can still manifest it?

I am asking because I have faith that you can manifest great things this year.

It’s vital for you to remember your mission because you are needed to do your good work in the world.

If you’ve been struggling emotionally, spiritually, or even physically, it’s time to take control again.

YES, you have to feel whatever you have to feel. AND you have the opportunity to choose to feel all of it…and then come back to the place where you take aligned action, and you put effort into your mission and vision.

You can choose to stay and swim around in the murkiness of life right now, or if you’re ready to stop fighting the current, you can step outside of it and find comfort, inspiration, and energy from your vision, mission, and purpose.

There’s a whole lot of fear, opinions, judgments, and negativity happening right now in the world. Most of them are opinions and beliefs which are completely moveable. They are opinions about what could be or what might happen.

You have a vision, purpose, and mission, which is your truth. It came from inside of you for a reason. It’s how you serve the world and how you receive from the world too.

You can choose to focus on that truth instead and make some really powerful shifts and growth.

All of what is happening in the world is happening for you.

This time being for you can be a difficult concept to lean into at times. I didn’t always believe it.

I wondered how something that felt like evil wrapped in barbed wire was actually here for me.

Then I started to understand that we don’t grow from comfort.

We don’t evolve from comfort.

We don’t shift until we have no other choice because our brain finds safety in the familiar.

You can begin to look at things differently right now, or you can be caught up on the fear and negativity opinion and push back against any growth.

It’s up to you.

When this is all over what will be more valuable to you?

Choose it now.

If you need help getting there, that’s what I’m here for. Reach out here.

Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.