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Your Leadership Potential + Step into Alignment

Are you ready to unleash the full power of your leadership potential?

 As an executive, leader, or healer, you have a deep desire to make a significant impact, but sometimes the stress, burnout, and self-doubt can dim your inner light. It’s time to break free from the limitations that hold you back and step into your role as an Aligned Leader. Join us for the exclusive Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat, a transformative experience designed to unlock your true potential, align your mindset, and propel you toward success.



The Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat is an immersive, one-on-one experience that takes place virtually so that you can join from the location and comfy, cozy spot of your choice. This personalized retreat is designed to support executives, leaders, and healers like you in releasing the patterns of stress, self-doubt, and burnout that hinder your growth and success. Through a combination of powerful hypnosis sessions and mindset coaching  you will experience a profound shift in your mindset, reclaim your authentic power, and align your leadership with your true purpose.

What to Expect

During your VIP Day, you will embark on a deeply transformative journey that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. The retreat is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring that you receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the experience. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:


Dive deep into the subconscious mind and unlock the hidden potential within you through powerful hypnosis sessions. Guided by a skilled transformational hypnotist, you will release old patterns, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt that have been holding you back. By rewiring your subconscious mind for success, you will tap into a wellspring of confidence, inspiration, and resilience.


Receive expert guidance from a seasoned mindset coach who specializes in working with executives, leaders, and healers. Through tailored coaching sessions, you will gain clarity on your goals, uncover any self-sabotaging patterns, and develop strategies to cultivate a resilient and empowering mindset. You will learn techniques to overcome challenges, embrace change, and step into your role as a visionary and influential leader.


Nurture your mind, body, and spirit with rejuvenating practices designed to promote healing and restoration. Experience revitalizing mindfulness exercises, gentle movement, and self-care rituals that will replenish your energy and create a foundation of holistic well-being. This retreat offers a sacred space for you to reconnect with yourself, find inner balance, and cultivate self-compassion.


Discover your true purpose and align your leadership with your deepest values and passions. Through guided visioning exercises and reflection, you will gain clarity on your mission and the legacy you want to create. By aligning your leadership with your authentic self, you will unlock a sense of fulfillment, joy, and meaning in your professional and personal life.


A valuable part of your leadership is the ripple you bring back to your family, team, and community.  As part of the Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat, you will learn valuable strategies and tools you can share that will help improve communication, deepen relationships, and culture.


The transformational journey does not end with the retreat. As part of the Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat, you will receive ongoing support to help you integrate your newfound insights and practices into your daily life. Follow-up coaching sessions, resources, and tools will be provided to ensure that your transformation continues long after the retreat concludes.

YOUR investment in YOURSELF

The Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat is a unique opportunity to invest in your personal and professional growth. By committing to this transformative experience, you are making a powerful statement that you are ready to step into your highest potential as a leader. The investment for this exclusive retreat reflects the exceptional value and the life-changing impact it will have on your leadership journey. To inquire about the specific investment details and availability for the Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat, please contact our dedicated team, who will be delighted to provide you with all the necessary information.


The Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat is designed for executives, leaders, and healers who are truly committed to their personal and professional growth. If you resonate with any of the following, this retreat is tailor-made for you:

  • You are an executive, leader, or healer who desires to break free from the cycle of stress, burnout, and self-doubt.

  • You are ready to tap into your authentic power, unlock your true potential, and lead with confidence, clarity, and inspiration.
  • You long for a deep sense of alignment between your leadership role and your inner values, purpose, and passions.

  • You are committed to investing in yourself and are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.
  • You are seeking a transformative experience that integrates the power of hypnosis, mindset coaching, and holistic practices to create lasting change.


I support the healing, growth, expansion, alignment, and elevation of Visionary women leaders, coaches, and healers.
I’ve spent the last 20 years facilitating healing from anxiety, panic, rage, frustration, feeling stuck and in pain to personal freedom and joy.
I’ve built a spiritual practice that allows me to deeply connect with my clients, offer them strategy and healing, and support them in their massive growth and success.
I am here to support you moving into your next level, your next generation message, and living a life of personal freedom and power.

What we can create together by healing your mind, releasing limiting beliefs, and calming stress responses like anixety, panic, and blocks and aligning with your desires will stretch the boundaries of your imagination.

You know those dreams that you keep tucked inside because they are just too big or too wild??

Yes, those are the ones we can bring to life!

Let’s connect you with the greatest Vision for your life.



Spaces for the Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat are limited to ensure an intimate and personalized experience. To secure your spot and embark on this transformational journey, we invite you to reach out to our team today. They will provide you with all the necessary information, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the registration process.

Remember, as an executive, leader, or healer, your well-being and personal growth are essential for your success and the impact you make in the world. The Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat is an investment in yourself, your leadership, and your future. It’s time to release the limitations that hold you back, tap into your true potential, and step into alignment as a visionary leader.

Join us for the Aligned Leader VIP Day Retreat and embark on a journey that will transform your leadership, enhance your well-being, and unleash your full potential. The time is now. The power is within you. Take the first step towards becoming the Aligned Leader you are meant to be. Contact our team today and secure your spot in this extraordinary retreat. Your transformation awaits.

Aligned Leader VIP DAY Virtual Retreat

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