Are you ready to tap into your confidence and lead with authority as a woman leader? Let’s dive in. 

Hey, beautiful human. It’s me, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, the Anxiety Eraser. And welcome to another episode of Effective Immediately, where we talk healthy emotions, mindset, leadership, and abundance. And I give you a mindset shift that you can use effective immediately. 

Okay, so let’s dive in right now to operating from your authority. Really stepping into your power as a woman leader. Let’s face it, let’s face facts here, okay? You were not created to share your gifts in secret. You were not created to hide your true magic. When you notice that you are feeling like you are not sharing everything that you want to share about your gifts, you’re holding some part of yourself back. Because of fear, conditioning, trying to people please, take care of others more than taking care of yourself, then this is your opportunity to really step into your authority. 

Being the Authority of Your Expertise

What does this look like? What does this even mean? When I talk about stepping into your authority, I’m talking about really claiming your gifts, your sacred gifts, your special gifts and talents that only you have. And you may say, Well, other people do what I do. No one will do it the way that you do it or with your fingerprint on it. So let’s start right there that your gifts will be unique because of your story, your experiences, and your unique way of doing things. Now, you may feel, Okay, it’s wonderful for me to be gifted. It’s wonderful for me to be talented at this thing. And there’s an energy there of acknowledging your gifts. And then I’m going to ask you to allow yourself to uplevel that energy into being the authority of your expertise. You can feel the difference there. Right? You can feel the difference when you think about Well, I’m gifted to shifting into I’m truly an expert at this gift that I have. I’ve been using it for a while. It’s brought me a lot of success. I am really at one with this gift. I feel as though I’m an expert of this gift. I know I’m an expert at this gift. And then shifting into being the authority of your expertise that because no one can do it like you, no one can speak about it or deliver it like you. 

Give yourself a moment. Give yourself a breath. Because if you have been operating from a gifted or even gifted expert place, there is room for you to shift. If you have been feeling like there’s more for you to share, there’s more for you, more impact for you to give in this world. And there are some pieces that are holding you back. This is where you can step into your confidence. This is where you can step into your authority as a leader. So this is, as always, an exploration with curiosity. We’re looking at where you are and where you want to be. If you have felt like there is more for you to give. And I don’t mean give to depletion. I’m talking about there’s more for you to share. There’s more for you to claim. There’s more for you to express with confidence and that inner authority and that inner strength then this is for you. 

Your Gifts Are Unique to You

One of the things that is so important is for you to understand that your gifts are unique to you. Like I mentioned earlier, you may have gifts that other people have similar things, right? There are more people who do intuitive hypnosis, trauma healing, transformational work, and abundance coaching, but they don’t do it the way I do it. And I don’t do it the way they do it. And that’s wonderful because there are plenty of clients to go around for all of us, right? So, as you think about your unique qualities, the story of your gifts, the way that you can connect to people, the way that you can share your specific magic is unique to you. It will always have your fingerprint on it. I want you to start thinking about your specific strengths as a leader. What is unique to you? Maybe the gift you haven’t recognized as fully unique to you yet. But when you start to acknowledge that you have special qualities, special gifts that go along with your transformational gift, your sacred gift, then you can start to see how you have a brand all of your own. You have a way all of your own. So, thinking about how your energy can influence your gift, how your story influences your gift, how your experiences influence your gift, how your way of being influences how you connect to your clients. So you have probably already had a massive amount of success using these programs, using your gifts. And as you step into the recognition of this, it will allow you to have another layer of confidence and to truly be the authority of your gift. The one who knows it inside and out and can willingly, confidently express herself when sharing that gift. Okay, how’s that landing? How’s that feeling for you? 

Embrace Your Authenticity

Are you ready now? The next step is to really embrace your authenticity, to really step forward and embrace your authentic self. Now, very often, women leaders, high achieving women, are the ones who overgive, who overdo, who people please and take care of everyone else. So what that means is they will often end up tamping down their abilities, kind of being just normal enough, so that the people around them, their friends, their family, their community will not think they’re too weird or too strange or too woo-woo. And I’m here to encourage you to fully bring all of your gifts to the surface, to be your authentic self, to say the things that you want to say out loud, and to not stop yourself from saying them because you’re worried about how other people will react. It felt like somebody needed to hear that this morning. And so be very loving with yourself. If you know that you’ve been in an expert place with your business, you have been in an authoritative place with your gifts. But there’s this other layer that you just don’t talk about publicly. Maybe you’re afraid of what people will think, maybe you don’t, you’ve had this conditioning from society that says don’t be too much. Don’t take up too much space. Don’t be too bold. Here’s your sign that it’s time. You didn’t come here to be a leader, only to shrink, only to wilt, only to hold back yourself or allow others to hold you back. 

As you step into your authenticity, and you align your actions with your core values and beliefs. And you bring that to the surface, the people who need your help, will find you faster. It will be easier for you to get clients, it will be easier for you to share your story with ease on social media, in your marketing, that kind of thing. When you are the authority of your gift, and you are operating from that fully authentic, this is the quality of my gift. This is what I can actually achieve with my gift. And you’re not afraid to speak out of bounds because there is no boundary anymore. You get to speak with authority on what you can create, the massive transformation that you can create when you’re not trying to take care of everybody else. And you’re trying to take care of yourself and your gift and honor yourself and your mission. What do you think you can create? I want you just to think about that for a moment when you are fully claiming everything that you can do. When you are operating from your values and your standards, what can you create from that place? And how fulfilled will you be by doing that? How exciting? How energizing? And how free will you feel? Yes, there will be people who don’t understand you. Yes, there will be people who unfollow you. And yes, so there will be many more people who are able to find you, because you’re using your full energy to share your gift. 

Own Your Expertise

The next piece that I want to talk about is really owning your expertise. As you think about what your gifts are, the thing that you’ve been an expert at for so long. You have worked with that gift, you have worked with your craft, you have worked with your talents and your expertise for a long time. So, where you started with that expertise is not where you are right now. Even if it was only months ago, you have expanded your intuition. You have expanded your imagination, you have expanded your creativity, you have noticed that the gift that you have now applies can be applied to many other areas of people’s lives, and you can expand your reach when you really share the ripple that your gift can create. Can you feel a buzzing inside of yourself? That’s your spirit getting excited for sharing more of who you are without fear. This is an exciting time for you! This is an exciting time for the world because they’re going to see more of you. They’re going to know more of you. And they’re going to be moved by what you can help them create. This is a powerful place for you to be. And you don’t have to try to do this alone. Very often, high-achieving women try to do everything by themselves. They don’t want to be a bother. They don’t want to be in the spotlight if they might fail at something. But I want you to know that this is my expertise. This is where I am an authority, where I can help you peel back and release limiting beliefs really step into your authority. I have recently opened enrollment for my new program called Magnetic, where I’m bringing together a group of successful spiritual, high-achieving women, coaches, healers, and transformational facilitators. And I’m going to help them step into the authority of their gifts so they can live an energized life of fulfillment. And feeling safe in their financial future without burning out. And if you want more details about this, you can DM me wherever you’re seeing this video. Or you can always connect with me at

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Building upon this, owning your expertise, rocking your values. This means that you will need to step out of your comfort zone. And I know this is a rocky area, right? Because you’ve built this little nest, or it’s probably a big nest, let’s face it. You’ve been successful with your gifts. So far, you’ve been sharing and helping people transform their lives. You’ve probably built a beautiful community of people around you, a group of loyal customers and clients, and you’ve built this beautiful experience for yourself. And there’s still more for you. If you’ve ever felt like you are holding back. If you’ve ever felt like I really want to express more of who I am. The societal conditioning will hold you back, right? The levels of the stories that you will tell yourself because of your subconscious mind keeping you in the same and in the similar, keeping you safe. That it will be a little bit uncomfortable the first time that you share and that’s okay. And the more that you share, the more that you will stretch. Those things that you often say inside your sessions, inside your group calls, inside your programs. You actually get to say them outside in your marketing, in your messages. And that will begin to attract a new level of people to you who actually are interested in those things on top of what you already offer. They want your unique fingerprint. They want your unique experience. And they’re waiting for you to step out and do it. 

Now, as you step out of your comfort zone and feel that level of slight fear, slight excitement, which are really two sides of the same coin, right? And you are wondering how it’s going to be how people will react, and you are stretching into your next level. This is where the magic is happening. Because the more that you honor your relationship with your gift by speaking to it, speaking about your authenticity, the stronger your gift will get. Now, let me tell you, this is a big secret here that people don’t really talk about. The energy that you spend holding yourself back, even if it’s unconsciously right? Even if you didn’t realize you were holding yourself back before today. The energy that you spend holding yourself back will actually make your gifts that much more important when you stop holding yourself back. And you can pour that energy into your gift. Feel the goosebumps? Feel the ripples inside of yourself of that? 

It takes a lot of energy to not be who you really are. It takes a lot of energy to just hold back this one little thing that you just don’t want to be too wild, too strange, too out there, too much. So you hold back this one piece of yourself. And holding back that one piece of yourself takes so much energy. And you have better things to spend that energy on. When you really open yourself up. Now, I’m not talking about stopping using your standards or boundaries. I’m not talking about giving away your discernment. I’m talking about really showing up in your authenticity, as the authority of your gifts that you are, and sharing them as you feel appropriate. Without feeling like you’re holding yourself back, your energy will amplify. You will feel more fulfilled, you will feel more energized, and your gift will get stronger as well. 

Every single thing that you’re trying to do in your life is being run by your thoughts. And when you are judging things, holding things back, when you are holding yourself back, and you are stopping yourself from being fully expressed, that energy pulls from every part of you. It has to take energy from every part of you. You might notice that you have a tension headache, you might notice that you have a weight on your shoulders, you might notice that you have tightness in your chest. These are energy leaks. You might notice that you’re not feeling as creative as you want to. You might notice that you’re not feeling as alive as you know you can. And when you stop holding yourself back, and you really step into that next level of authority where you claim your gift, you claim your abilities, and you claim your next level of success, everything in your life will get more energized. 

There will be challenges, getting everyone around you to adjust to this and getting yourself to adjust to this. And you’re it’s not your job to make everybody else happy about your gifts. It’s your job to use your gifts to the best of your ability to the level that makes you feel fully energized and valued. Where you value yourself, you value your gift, you’re honoring yourself, and you’re honoring your gift. That’s your job. Everyone else will sort themselves out. 

Express Your Values and Your Standards

As you are stepping into your authority, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re stepping into really expressing your values and your standards. This means that you get to communicate with more confidence. You will notice that your statements about your work are less questions and more facts. That there are facts about your work. There are facts about you, your authentic self, your sacred gifts. As you share your work, you will share it with facts. You will share it as truth, not possibility, not potential. But because you are the authority of your gift, you know that A plus B equals C in your world. And you know exactly what that means when I say that. You know the conditions that must be created to help someone transform in the way that only you can help them transform. You know what A plus B equals C in your world. When you share your gifts, and you share your authority with confidence, there is no questioning. You will help the people, you will reach the people that this is meant for because they will be hearing your truth. And it will resonate with their truth. And they will be drawn to work with you. 

You already have massive success sharing these other beautiful parts of your gift. And when you step into your full authority, your voice will change slightly. Your words will change slightly, even your posture and your body language will change slightly. And that will give you more inner confidence. And that will radiate out. That belief in yourself, that belief in your gift to where you are fully sharing in an authentic way, what you can help people create, they will feel the power of that energy. They will feel the power of your authority. And their belief in your authority will expand. A plus B equals C. Okay, give yourself a breath. 

The Power of Stepping Into Your Authority

As you’re thinking about all of these things that you want to shift, that you want to adjust, that you want to fine-tune, I want you to think about who you will become in this process. The impact of who you will be and how you will be in this world. What you will model for other leaders. And what you will create for yourself from that confident, authentic, I am the authority of my sacred gift place. You will become more self-confident. You thought you were confident; now add the authority to that, and you will feel so much more powerful, you will feel so much more energized, you will feel more excited. It will be easier for you to make decisions. It will be easier for you to collaborate. And it will actually make the power of your guests even more potent. Because you’re operating from that greater self-confidence that comes with stepping into the authority of your gifts. It is an extremely powerful place to be. And I don’t, you know I don’t mean power over other people, I mean amplifying your inner power. That’s what’s possible for you magnetizing the opportunities, the experiences, the wealth that you’re allowed to have, the impact that you’re allowed to have, all of that will be amplified. When you realize that you had a gift, you made a powerful image in your mind of how you wanted to help people and how you wanted to use your gift to change the world. And you started using that gift. And you built a successful business for yourself. And you know, there’s more because every single time that you reach a level of success in your life, your vision and your creativity and your imagination expand. 

This is your next step. Stepping into your authority is going to take you to that next level of your vision. It’s going to actually magnetize it to you, and you’re going to have so much more fun being the person that you truly are instead of holding any part of yourself back. And as I said earlier, this is not a place of judgment. This is about acknowledging where you are, where you want to be, and who you have become. You have become the authority of your gifts. And who will you become when you claim, fully stepping into that place of being the authority of your gifts? Being the even more powerful leader that you are. You did not come here to play small with this gift. Here’s your opportunity. You still get to do it the way that you want to. You still get to use your discernment. You still get to have your standards, your values, and your boundaries. You still get to do it the way that you want. And you get to feel energized and excited about your life. You get to get you get to feel energized and excited about the level of impact that you can have. 

Your Effective Immediately Mindset Shift

Here is your effective immediately mindset shift of the week. Are you ready? When you are speaking about your work, when you’re making decisions about your work, when you’re making decisions about how to share, when you’re making decisions about how you’re going to talk about yourself on the next podcast interview that you’ve been invited to, how you’re going to speak on the next stage that you’ve been invited to, how you’re going to share your story on social media, I want you to ask yourself one question. How can I say this, truly owning my expertise and being the go-to authority of my sacred gifts? Give yourself a moment and let that answer come through you and operate from that place. 

Be sure to tell me how it goes I know it will be amazing for you might be a little scary. And trust that everything that you’re doing is taking you to the path where you are going to expand and create more impact. You are allowed to have everything that you want the way that you want it. 

I love working with women leaders and helping them to expand their mindset, expand their gifts, expand their authority, and step into their authority. And if any of this resonates with you and you would love to talk about how we can create some massive results for you. While living without chronic stress, feeling fully energized, and being the authority of your gifts, please reach out to me and Or you can go to and schedule a call with me.

I will send you so much love this week. Have a beautiful week being in your authority. And I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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Rebecca Wiener McGregor, also known as The Anxiety Eraser, is a seasoned transformational hypnotist, trauma healer, and abundance coach. Since 2004, she guides visionary women to break free from anxiety, blocks, traumas, and fears, leading them to a life filled with abundance and purpose. Through her book “Loving Her” and work with conscious women executives, leaders, coaches, and healers worldwide, Rebecca sparks profound transformations, helping her clients embrace their true selves and create impactful, joyful, fulfilling lives.

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