It’s completely natural to compare yourself to everyone around you…other family or friends, other coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs…and others that you don’t even have anything in common with!

I’m here to remind you that this action of comparing does not serve you.

Even if you are unsure of your direction, you can trust that yours will look different than almost everyone else in the world. In the world.

No one else has what you have.

No one else has your history, your experiences, your gifts, and everything else that is unique to you packaged in the exact same way.

This means that you share your magic, your genius, your gifts, and your love in a way that is all your own.

This also means that when you see someone IRL or online who is showing you how glorious their life is, that you get to detach for comparison because it will always (and you know I don’t use absolutes very often) be like comparing apples to oranges or even tomatoes.

When you are distracted by comparison, you are not in your own magic.

You and your magic deserve your focus. especially since you are trying to do amazing things in this world.

When you feel yourself looking at someone else’s life and wishing it was your or that you had their success notice how that feels in your body so that you can build your awareness to when it pops up again.

It will. You are a beautiful imperfect human so it’s pretty likely that comparison will pop up.

When you notice that popping up, spend a few moments writing and visualizing your dream life. What you really, really want. Then think of one thing that you can do right now for your mindset or an action that you can take in that direction.


You’ll notice quickly that it’s so much more special to you than wishing for someone else’s life to be yours.

ORRR you may just forget that you were comparing at all.



About the Author:

Rebecca Wiener McGregor is an Amplifier of Love and catalyst for breakthroughs! She shares her gifts as a transformational hypnotist + money mindset coach committed to helping visionary women live their Truth, step into their Divine Purpose, and create the life of their dreams. Since 2004, Rebecca has helped thousands of clients to release old blocks, traumas, loss, and hidden fears to find a deeper sense of self-worth and determination to live life on their own terms. Using that self-worth and determination as fuel to create the life they’ve been dreaming of with deeper connection, more joy, more impact, wealth, and more fun!

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