This week we had our taxes prepared. ‘Tis the season.

Since I was a young person I’ve heard about how awful taxes are, how awful it is to pay taxes, how complex the tax code is, etc.

You’ve heard the negative stories too.

Taxes strike fear in the hearts of many.

The idea of having to pay in rather than get a refund has many people shaking in their boots.

Do you know what happens when you really get attached to getting a refund and hope for a really big refund every year?

Aside from the standard deductions and other expenses, when you worry about not getting that huge refund or worse, paying in on your taxes, you are subconsciously keeping yourself small.

You’re wishing for less income or at least the same as last year.

Ugh. You don’t want that, do you? Please say no.

When you want less income to stay within in the refund zone, or to not have to pay in “too much” you are actually wanting to make less of an impact.

Your income comes from the value and impact you bring to the world.

What do you think would happen if you actually wished to pay more in taxes?

What would expand if you weren’t limited?

Think about it.

Check-in on your body’s responses. If you’re tense there might be a limit there. It’s time to start working on releasing that limit.

If it feels invigorating to pay more taxes, you can enjoy the expansion of your vision.

Anything is possible.

Go make it happen.