Money loves you.

It doesn’t need anything from you.

It doesn’t want to deplete you.

It doesn’t want you to overgive.

It doesn’t want to cause you stress.

It doesn’t want to cause you pain.

It doesn’t want you to take all clients who cause burnout.

Money loves you.

Money wants you to return the favor.

Money wants you to be loving with it.

In fact, it is so important to money that you have a loving relationship that it doesn’t even hear your desire for it if it is mixed with fear, shame, doubt, anger, or hesitation.

You don’t need desperation.
You don’t need to wish.
You don’t need the luck of the Irish. (Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🍀)

It’s like when someone is yelling at you, and you only hear that they are yelling. The message gets lost.

Money only hears that there is fear. It doesn’t hear the request.

Money only hears you when you have the energy of confidence and certainty. (no faking allowed)

Begin right now talking to money as though you are certain it will show up for you because it loves you.

What kind of difference would it make to you to be certain in your money, gifts, and confidence?

What would change for the better?

How much easier would things be for you?

Think about it and let me know how your life would look. I really want to know.

Just share where you are and where you want to be.

Talk to you soon.