Since 2004 Rebecca has helped thousands of clients to create their best life through her work as a consulting hypnotist, master life coach, entrepreneur mindset coach, author and meditation teacher.

As a consulting hypnotist in private practice since 2004, Rebecca created the Whole Life Happy™ method which emphasizes the importance of feeling good personally creates a higher level of happiness in all areas of life. She specializes in helping her clients diffuse anxiety, panic, anger, and fear to find inner peace, feel empowered, and achieve their goals. Rebecca helps her clients heal their past and learn how to effectively communicate, set healthy boundaries, and find their self-worth.

As an entrepreneur mindset coach for women since 2009, Rebecca helps her clients to discover for themselves that finding clarity, creating healthy work systems, setting and keeping boundaries around work, and focusing on priorities are the true foundation of feeling a balanced work and family life.

As a master coach, Rebecca has created Extraordinary Life Mastermind, a sacred space and community for women to create a habit of happiness, love, joy, gratitude, abundance, kindness, compassion, and respect for self and others by connecting for sisterhood, support, and real-life strategies. This program contains countless coaching lessons, meditations, and exercises in areas of positive language, self-care, core values, relationships, money mindset, entrepreneurship, and more along with live group classes. Started in May 2017.

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Speaking Topic Ideas:

  • Leading from Love – The thoughts that we think create the emotions that we feel. Our feelings are the foundation for all of our decisions and behaviors. When we let our emotions be in control they often create stress and sabotage in our personal and professional lives. Having a greater awareness of our emotions and how to shift them gives us a positive advantage helping us to create emotional freedom, personal empowerment, and greater success.
  • Connecting to your business on a personal and spiritual level – The feelings that we feel in our everyday lives do not stay separate from our businesses. When we clarify our personal mission, identify the people who we want help, and how we want to help them, we create a structure in which to keep our focus alive, set and keep priorities, and build a practice of intentionally reaching our goals.
  • Finding Gratitude – Discover how practicing gratitude is the key to unlocking your self-worth and abundance mindset.
  • Connecting to Your Ideal Client – Learn how to identify who you want to serve and why.
  • Who Am I? – Discover your core values and how they guide your decisions and success.
  • Leading from Love – Discover how operating from love helps to build feelings of confidence and success in yourself and your team.
  • Connecting to Your Business – Learn how to clarify your mission, who you want to serve, and begin to create systems to help you succeed.
  • Choosing Positive Language – Learn to use your language to your advantage by choosing language aligned with your goals.