With the holidays upon us, my greatest desire is that you feel deeply loved and cherished…by your loved ones and by yourself.

When you deeply love yourself, something magical happens.

You release attachment to ideas that the life that you desire is somehow not meant for you.

You judge yourself (and others) less.

You celebrate your successes more.

Your self-trust and self-worth deepen.

You find ways to express yourself.

You discover ways to create the life that you want.

You take hold of the idea that you really can live life on your terms and have everything you dream of.

This week in between the hustle and bustle of the season, take some moments and drench yourself in love.

Find little moments of laughter and joy.

Create little pockets of peace and contentment.

Delight in the miracles of your life.

Allow yourself to play with your vision.

Open yourself to receiving all the goodness you can hold.

And then let the amount of goodness you can hold expand.

It’s all for you.


Have a happy holiday and a very merry everything.