You are needed to take your message and impact to the next level. This opportunity is for Visionary Women Leaders, Coaches and Healers. 


You’re ready to connect to your Higher Self.

Ready to release old wounds that no longer serve you.

Ready to unravel the lies and limits that have been passed down for generations.

Ready to live with a level of authenticity that would have scared you ten years ago.

You are a VISIONARY…

Things are not always as they seem.

You have had a successful business or career and your friends often comment on how amazing and lucky you are. They often congratulate you on all you’ve achieved. But maybe you don’t really feel like you’ve achieved as much as you want to or maybe there’s simply something missing.

You are constantly striving and driven.

You have a lot to share on a large scale, but it feels impossible or unlikely that you’ll get there.

As much as you love what you do, you need lots of time to re-charge, and if you don’t get it you can experience: anxiety, burnout, and frustration. 

You’re highly intelligent (yes, I know who I’m dealing with), you are also emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and empathetic.

Being all of that you are, you actually feel lonely because many of those who are close to you are not visionaries.

They don’t get you.

They don’t get why you care so much.

They don’t get why you are driven to create change because they don’t see it.

They have fears that you can see from miles away, but they aren’t ready or willing to change.

You want to give to them, but you realize you are probably over-giving and depleting yourself which has you in the spins.

You are a leader and so you are there for everyone else, but you don’t have someone at your level supporting you.

You are the one inviting people to think bigger and differently, but no one is doing that for you.

You often want to retreat but the demands of work and life don’t always give you the opportunity to break away.

Your creative mind is always having ideas and creating solutions…

but you can’t find the time to create them, there is always something to do. Someone to help.

You want to be part of the solution, but it’s creating burnout for you.

You want your next level.

You feel it coming.

You crave more fun, fulfillment, and wealth in every area of your life.

That old outdated model of success which has you working harder is no longer serving you.

Your priority is more joy and alignment.

and PERMISSION to create a life that feels limitless.

You want more freedom.

Freedom to focus on the things that truly matter to you; to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, to nurture new relationships, and to be fulling present and in the moment for it all.

You know time is your greatest asset and life is your most precious gift.

You simply cannot waste another moment in the discomfort of should, could, fight, sacrifice, and having all those things on your heart you desire to put into the world on your UNDONE list.

It’s you time.

Time to reconnect with who you really are, to heal from what no longer serves, get crystal clear about your next level, and create the space in your life to embody it.

You don’t need more information, you need healing, connection, elevation and embodiment.

You’ve already achieved a level of success, but are no longer desiring to push, sacrifice, force, or prove yourself.

The fighting and exhaustion is over.


  • You’ve got the enthusiasm, the skills, the passion, but it’s not manifesting into the lifestyle, freedom, or abundance you truly envision.
  • You’ve done some work on your success mindset, but you’re still unsure what’s blocking you.
  • You find old relationships no longer serving you, though you’re afraid of letting go.
  • You are reawakening to the Truth that you’re meant for greater impact.


  • You know you are ready to get to the next level, but you’re unsure what that level is.


  • You are overwhelmed with all the information on what you should and could be doing, and have forgotten to listen to what you want, what feels good to you.
    • You are exhausted by pushing and driving and you’re ready to release the “I must sacrifice” mentality and connect with you “it gets to be easier” mindset.


    • You are ready to connect on a deeper level to your Truth, Passion, and Purpose.


    • You know you’re meant for so much more, but there’s a part of you hiding or holding back.

      Hi, I AM REBECCA

      I support the healing, growth, expansion, alignment, and elevation of Visionary women leaders, coaches, and healers.
      I’ve spent the last 15 years facilitating healing from anxiety, panic, rage, frustration, feeling stuck and in pain to personal freedom and joy.
      I’ve built a spiritual practice that allows me to deeply connect with my clients, offer them strategy and healing, and support them in their massive growth and success.
      I am here to support you moving into your next level, your next generation message, and living a life of personal freedom and power.

      What we can create together by healing your mind, releasing limiting beliefs, and calming stress responses like anixety, panic, and blocks and aligning with your desires will stretch the boundaries of your imagination.

      You know those dreams that you keep tucked inside because they are just too big or too wild??

      Yes, those are the ones we can bring to life!

      This is joyful creation of connecting with the greatest Vision for your life.


      • Create your dream schedule – one that energizes you rather than drains you
      • Allow beautiful love in your life – loving yourself
      • Decide how much time you want to work
      • Decide how much money you want to make
      • Create the plan, packages, and programs achieve your financial goals
      • Create clarity of your personal values and your business values
      • Learn to make decisions based on your values
      • Discover who your clients really are and who you want to work with
      • Create a mindset to attract those customers to you
      • To speak in a positive, attractive way so people are excited and eager to work with you
        • Create a lifestyle and business that feels like YOU, not like you think you should feel
        • Open your mindset to abundant thinking
        • And so much more. It’s time for you to feel like you are building a life–not just getting by or a business–not just going to a job that you created for yourself. You deserve more. I want to help you get it



          The old difficult ways of exhaustion, scarcity, and burnout are done.

          What I want more than anything is for you to come home to your highest expression of your self so you can make the positive change you know that you are here to make all while living your dreams in a fulfilled and supported way.


          You are needed now. The world needs your vision and leadership.
          You are needed to lead by example and create ripples of inspiration and change.
          You are needed to embody this higher frequency so that you can invite others to do the same.
          I am here to support you, help you stretch, help you recalibrate, and help you come home to yourself and your Truth. 


          Limitless Leader is a 12 month commitment to radical mindset shift, heart opening, vision alignment, and conscious expansion.

          You will receive a fully customized program.
          Weekly strategy.
          Monthly hypnosis and coaching sessions.
          Voxer access.
          And my fullest support to help you expand into your next level.
          I am offering this to twelve women (or less) who are ready to rise up and thrive by living their Truth, Passion, and Purpose in a way that is fulfilling, nourishing, and offers a far greater level of impact to change the world. This is an invitation to commit to a new frequency.
          Are you in?
          Let’s go.
          I love you,


          Click the button and complete the application now. I’ll be in touch to schedule a meeting.

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