A long time ago, a wonderful coach of mine introduced me to the idea that things can be easy.

Huh?! As a recovering perfectionist, over giver, and over complicator (yes, that was me), things like ease didn’t even occur to me.

I was walking around with the belief that things of value and importance needed to be difficult.

After she said to me, “It gets to be easy, Rebecca!” I started to realize how often I had overlooked opportunities, put off ideas, and undervalued things (including my own gifts and magic) because they were too easy. #thankyoucoachcourtney

Can you relate?

Thinking along the same lines of “anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

I was unconsciously walking around with this limiting belief that I had to fight hard and make things complex so that they were valuable.

We’ll be talking more next week about how this relates to your gifts, but for today, think about letting things be easier than ever before.

I invite you to start right now implanting this new idea in your mind and watching out for times when you overcomplicate or have that sneaky thought that things in your life need to be difficult to be valuable.

Ask the Divine, “Show me how easy it can be. Delight me with how easy this can be.”

Whether you are working on a project, trying to manifest something, or just hanging out, let this roll around in your mind and watch what happens.

It’s safe for things to be easy. It really is.

And things get to be easier for you too.

Let me know how it goes.

If you want any help, just hit reply, and we’ll chat about your options.