As you consider your goals, your vision, and your future (and ongoing) uplevels, if you are operating in your standards, something will happen.

You will let people down. They will be disappointed.

It will be painful for you.

It will hurt. It will sting. You’ll question if you’re a good person.

You’ll go back on your decision to try to make it right for other people.

That will be painful for you too. You’ll realize it wasn’t worth it.

It’s a learning process.

The simple truth is that there will be times when other people won’t understand your decisions.

They won’t like some of your choices.

They won’t like your boundaries or standards because it means they can’t make you overgive anymore.

This is part of your evolution as a Wealthy Woman.

You will learn that this is self-care.

That it’s necessary for you to grow as a human and to grow as a healer, coach, or leader who wants to help change the world.

And it’s okay. It’s even necessary.

Your honesty with those around is needed. It’s needed for their growth and for yours.

You’ve noticed this already.

As your number one fan and cheerleader, I’m here to remind you that your needs must be acknowledged and fulfilled to stay healthy, keep your clarity, hold your frequency, have fun, be happy, and create the impact you want.

Start paying attention to where you are overgiving or giving in when it doesn’t feel right and make one shift at a time.

You’ll get used to it…and so will your loved ones.

You and your magic are worth it.

I believe in you.