This isn’t a trick question.

Everything you want has to go through a safety check in your mind.

That’s why all of those limiting beliefs are in place.

They are designed to keep you from suffering in any way. Remember, the brain thinks its only job is to keep you safe.

It doesn’t even really care if you are happy. It’s your spirit that desires happiness.

Your brain isn’t really bothered by limitations creating anxiety, anger, fear, or stuckness as long as you’re “safe.”

Safe for the brain means THE SAME.

If what you desire is creating a feeling like many things in your life will change, it’s likely that your mind will believe that desire to be unsafe, and it will fire off all of these limiting thoughts and feelings.

You’ve got to learn to help your mind through those limitations and make it safe to receive your desire.

I promise that it’s easier than you think.

That’s what we’ll be talking about in the OWN YOUR MAGIC Facebook group in November.

Tuesday at 2:00p pm Central I’ll be live talking about feeling safe to receive (wealth, connection, love, and joy). Simply click here to join.

We’ll discuss building your awareness, releasing judgment, making it safe to receive, and holding the frequency of your desire.

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I look forward to seeing you then.

Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.