When was the last time that you said “I love you” to YOURSELF?

This week as the world is talking about romance and Valentines; I want to encourage you to give yourself extra love.

Each day, create something beautiful to do for yourself.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Let it be a sweet and simple recognition of your relationship with yourself.

A longer bath with candles
More time with your favorite books or music
Your favorite magazine
A new release album or movie
An extra nap
Fresh sheets and blankets on your bed with a few drops of your favorite essential oils
Hot oil treatment for your hair
Using your special lotion
A walk through your favorite shops
These are meaningful treats for yourself. You can create something beautiful for yourself.

Want another effortless way to connect with yourself?
Place your hand on your heart and say to yourself: I love you
Repeat as often as you can.

Let yourself feel love and appreciation for YOU.

The most powerful relationships you will ever have are the one with your spirituality and the one with yourself.

Don’t forget to cultivate the one with yourself.

You deserve it too.