Every day I begin and end in gratitude. It has changed my life in more ways than I can even describe doing this.
Today is no different.
And today, I am thankful for you.
Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for all of the good that you want to put into this world.
Thank you for all the teaching you want to do.
Thank you for all of the learning you want to do.
Thank you for all of the growth you have done to get here.
Thank you for all of the growth that you will do to uplevel and impact more people with your message.
Thank you for not shying away.
Thank you for not backing down.
Thank you for acknowledging that fire inside of you to grow, change, help, educate, heal the world–one conversation, client, customer, moment, at a time.
Thank you for knowing that there is no settling for less anymore.
Thank you for knowing that it’s time to step up.
Thank you for committing to living, loving, and working in a higher vibration.

Thank you for desiring so much for others that you have begun desire more for yourself…you may want to read that part again.

It’s big, isn’t it?

You know inside of you that you must play a bigger game, you must show up, you must partner with good people that encourage your growth so that you can be the person you need to be to share your message.

You may feel any number of physical or emotional responses to what I just said. You may be scared of the bigness of your vision. That’s okay.
You’ve done things scared and you’ll do it again.

And maybe, just maybe, you’re growing into someone who isn’t as scared as she is excited, eager, determined, and inspired to take action.

Are you ready for 2020 and all that is coming for you?
I Am.
I Am ready to be there with you.
I Am ready to be in a higher vibration to keep my momentum going.
I Am starting that now. 💗

Are you ready? Let’s do this…together. I’ll see you there.

Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.