You know that I’ve been on my own self-development journey for almost 17 years. (Whoa! I can’t believe it’ll be 17 years in May since I found hypnosis, coaching, and self-dev!)

My growth is an ongoing process, just like yours.

Over the years, I’ve found certain questions that help me get to my next level. Of course, it’s not just the question that creates the shifts, but the decisions and actions that I take after answering the question.

I am going to share one with you today.

I’m inviting you to use it as a journal prompt.

Take a few minutes with your journal.

Ask yourself this really powerful question:
What’s the number one problem (that you can control) that is taking up space in your thoughts right now…and how would it feel to be able to solve it?

It’s a straightforward question, but the answers and the actions can change your life.

Get really specific in your answers. Think about how much energy this problem takes up each day. Then take a look at your life without this problem. What would life look like for you?

Take the time to answer it for yourself, and if I can help you solve it, you know where I am (reply, and I’ll answer). I’d be honored to walk your journey with you.

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My mission is to help you create a life of Extraordinary Wealth, Love, + Joy. I hope to see you there.

Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.