For years I read the words “embody your desire” or “embody the frequency” and just couldn’t figure out what that meant or rather how to do it.

I found out it’s quite simple.

The not-so-secret way to connect to everything you want is through your imagination.

Think about your desires.

Think about:

  • How will you feel when you are living with them in your life?
  • How will you behave?
  • How will you speak?
  • How will you hold yourself?
  • How will your face look?
  • How will your body feel?
  • How will you treat yourself?
  • How will you treat others?
  • What actions will you take?
  • What will your emotions be?
  • What will your thoughts be?

Answer these in your mind’s eye. Feel it in your body.


Step into all of this.

Embody the feeling–the frequency–of your desires.

This is what is meant by “act as if” or “fake it until you make it.”

Those words do not mean be inauthentic.

Instead, the goal is to allow yourself to feel the pleasure and appreciation of your desires as if they are already yours.

You don’t have to wait to feel good.

In fact, embodying your desires actually helps them find you faster because you’re matching that frequency…AND you get to feel good now.

Do not wait or long for what you want. Feel it now.

You deserve it.



About the Author:

Rebecca Wiener McGregor is an Amplifier of Love and catalyst for breakthroughs! She shares her gifts as a transformational hypnotist + money mindset coach committed to helping visionary women live their Truth, step into their Divine Purpose, and create the life of their dreams. Over the last 17 years, she has helped thousands of clients to release old blocks, traumas, loss, and hidden fears to find a deeper sense of self-worth and determination to live life on their own terms. Using that self-worth and determination as fuel to create the life they’ve been dreaming of with deeper connection, more joy, more impact, wealth, and more fun!

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