Let’s talk about receiving.

There are many reasons why it can be difficult to receive, but I don’t want to focus on that part today.

I want to talk about expanding your ability to receive (no matter what the reason).

To expand your ability to receive more income, more joy, more love, more connection, more gifts from the Divine, you’ll want to make it feel delicious to receive.

I mean really good.

Really good and really safe.

I like to do a simple visualization of receiving.

To set up, I like to think about something that is really joyful for me to receive.

I really, really, really love receiving flowers and…sushi lunch from my favorite local Sushi Masa. #thewaytorebeccasheartdotcom

I have a little dance that happens in my upper body shoulders when I have sushi. 🤣

When I visualize myself receiving (love, new clients, new members joining Extraordinary Wealth, money from unexpected sources that I get to keep, connection, fun experiences), I add that feeling to the scene.

Imagine receiving your favorite treats and feeling so light and joyful and then visualizing that feeling connected to receiving your desire.

Whether it is the keys to your dream house or that check you’ve been waiting for in the mail or anything in between…let it feel good to think about receiving it.

Keep picturing, imagining, visualizing it over and over and over.

Let it feel good to receive.

Let it be joyful to receive.

Let it be easy to receive.

Let me know what opens up for you. Just hit reply and give me your update.

If you need some help with receiving, I’m here for that too. It’s a part of Extraordinary Wealth that I know you’d really love.

You get to have your desires. Yes, you. 💗

The good life (really, reeeally good) is meant for you too.