Opportunities show up to us all the time.

Sometimes we simply don’t see them.


Because we haven’t made room for them in our lives.

Think about this:

A small opportunity comes into your life… Maybe you think it’s too small or insignificant, so you don’t take any action or even really consider it.

That opportunity could be the seed for more to come.

If you don’t take them seriously, then there is no space for the opportunity to grow.

Here’s a story that explains what I mean:

My good friend had an opportunity to buy a small piece of land. She set everything up in place to help her to do this. She was really excited about this first spot. It was a piece of her dream.

Then another piece of property became available that actually suits her dreams even more.

The good news is because she started the wheels turning with the first property, she was actually already set up for the second property.

In essence, she set herself up for this bigger opportunity by taking the first one seriously enough to take action.

Another way to look at is that the action steps helped things expand to make room for the bigger opportunity to fit.

You can do this too. It may be a job, a relationship, something in your business, or another dream you have.

Have you noticed that you made room in your own life?

When have you not made room in your life for something greater?

Are you ready to open up for something greater?

Are you ready to expand and make things open up for what can come next?

You deserve all of what is coming to you.

It’s time to make room.