Happiest New Year to you, dear one.

This is the time of year when we are thinking about what we want to happen, create, feel, achieve, be, and so on for the rest of the year.

This can feel daunting, especially coming off of a year like 2020.

Sometimes we are afraid to hope, wish, or even dream of something better.

Other times it feels like the world is bright and new and anything is possible.

I’ve felt both this year, as you likely have too!

Here’s a simple place to begin and hold your awareness of his year:

Step one: Decide what you want.
Whatever you want–love, romance, health, deepening of your spirituality, wealth, abundance, fun, etc.–define it for yourself. How does it look? How will you know when it’s arrived? How does it feel?

REMINDER: How you define it is up to you. Ignore everyone else’s definition and create your own. For example, when I define wealth, it encompasses an abundance of ALL the good stuff in my life, including but not limited to money.

Step two: Focus on the feeling.
Hold that feeling and bring it into your body and mind as often as you can. Do things that make you feel that feeling. If you feel like you’re struggling to hold the feeling, I’ve got several ways to help you with that. You can send me a message to Love@RebeccaWiener.com anytime you like.

Step three: Take action that makes sense.
Take action in the direction of things that feel good and add to your life. Avoid doing things just because you think it “should” be on your to-do list. Avoid comparing your to-do list to anyone else’s. Remember you get to say no as often as you like.

NOTE: If you ask for help or advice from a friend, remember that they will filter their answers through their own fears and limitations. If you ask for help from a professional coach, consultant, or hypnotist, find one who has made a career out of building their awareness of and releasing their own limitations and judgments so you can trust that their guidance is not filled with their own gunk. Also, if they tell you they are perfect and have no defects or limits…run. 🙂

Step four: Repeat Steps one, two, and three, and have loads of fun all year long. There will be plenty of life’s regular ups and downs, so please add delicious amounts of laughter, silliness, and creativity that is not about your work.

You deserve to have a spectacular year..and spectacular life. I’ll be here supporting you to do exactly that. I believe in you!


Create a special week for yourself. See you soon.