For women leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who want a truly extraordinary life – beyond “just the money.” Go from broke, blocked, and stuck to a calm, confident, “wealthy woman” mindset…AND do it all while doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP. Step-by-step course to reach their next level and live the life you love. 


This sweet 5-part series battles some of the toughest emotions to conquer. In this self-paced series, Rebecca provides insight into how each of these emotions could be creating blocks and keeping you from the life you dream of. Learn how to break up and step forward. You don’t have to wait to feel good. Take control of your happiness, today!   

FREE WORKSHOP: 4 Steps to Activate Your Money Flow

Join me as I reveal three common money mistakes that women make, and how to stop making them right now. I’ll also share 4 fundamentals steps to getting in flow, and I will guide you through a self-audit that reveals your “ready-to-uplevel-zones.” You will learn more about how you can join our Extraordinary Wealth course and community!