Ready to connect deeply to your vision? 

Good morning, and welcome to another episode of Effective Immediately. I am Rebecca Wiener McGregor, the Anxiety Eraser. And this is an episode where we’re going to talk about your vision today. We’re going to do a meditation on your vision today. 

I had a plan for the episode today. And I decided to scrap it all because I felt like this was an important day to reconnect to the vision. So, if you’ve never watched before, this is Effective Immediately, the show where we talk mindset, healthy emotions, abundance, and leadership. And I give you a mindset shift that you can create effective immediately. 

Today, I want to share with you a meditation. And if you are listening, as you’re doing something else, you can keep your eyes open. If you are driving and you’re listening to this, keep your eyes open. If you can, simply close your eyes or close them most of the way and allow yourself to be in the vision. Alright, so let’s get started. 

Let’s Begin

Here’s how we’re going to start. Take a nice, deep, easy breath. And notice everything starts to slow down just a little bit as you breathe. Let your shoulders come down. Let the tension that you’ve carried on the top of your head or the top of your shoulders, or in your belly loosen. And every time you exhale, let it be a message to your body to let you know that you’re safe. And when you’re ready, you can close your eyes or lower your lids, or just keep listening. 

I want you to think about your greatest desires, your greatest vision for yourself, for your life, and for your work. And when I say work, you know I mean your purpose, your passion, and your mission. And I want you to see where it is. It might be kind of off in the distance, it might be closer to you, it might be that you can step into it. And whatever, wherever it is don’t let that mean anything about it or about you or about your level of success. Just allow yourself to step closer to it and step in it. And when this happens, you’ll be able to see it happening around you through your own eyes.

If you’re not sure of your vision, if you’re not sure of the feeling, the big vision, the big goal, the big mission, or you’re sure of a part of it, focus on that part of it. Okay? When you get comfortable with this, your imagination will expand. So simply allow yourself to be in the vision as perfectly as you can. And by that, I mean as imperfectly as you can.

See exactly the parts that you know already that you want to create. And you’ll probably notice the parts that you’ve already created there, too. And as you notice the parts that you’ve already created. I want you to celebrate yourself. Celebrate the successes that you’ve already had. How far you’ve come already and all the things that you’ve created out of nothing. And the next part of your mission, vision goal, whatever word you use, you will be creating from here.

As you amplify your love and appreciation for how far you’ve come, you recognize that you’re no longer creating out of nothing. You’re creating out of what you’ve already learned, all the wisdom you’ve gained, all the experience, and you’ve learned so much about yourself and what you’re capable of. So even though in those moments it feels like you’re creating from nothing, you are not. You are creating from your vast wisdom.

Step Closer

As you step closer or deeper into your vision, just allow it to get closer and closer until you’re stepping into it. I want you to breathe, reminding your body that you’re safe. As you’re stepping into this vision, simply notice with curiosity what’s happening in your body. Any parts where there is heaviness or nervousness or apprehension or joy or excitement or thrill, just notice them. If the emotions or responses feel heavy, bring some light in. Remind your body that it is safe for you to have these desires. Remind your body that it is safe for you to expand your vision. And as you step in, dip your toe in, or step fully in, I want you to feel the feeling of having this vision. Feel the feeling of being in the place where your goals are realized. And as you do, I want you to let yourself feel excitement. And I want you to engage your senses.

How does it feel on your body? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? How does it taste to you? Who are you helping? How are you being helped? What are you giving, and what are you receiving?

Now that you’re in your vision, I want you to give yourself a long, slow, deep breath and hold it for just a second once your lungs are filled. And as you exhale feel all those feelings. Engage your senses even deeper. I want you to allow yourself to be delighted by what you see, what you feel, what you hear, what you taste, what you smell. Be delighted about how your dreams have unfolded. And if there’s any part of you that is afraid, any part of you that’s holding back, any part of you that’s not ready to be fully in the vision. I want you to pour some love into that part of you. I want you to feel so much love for that part of you. As you feel so much love for that part of you, I want you to forgive that part of you. Sometimes, we can get frustrated or irritated with that part of us that we think is holding us back.

Forgive Yourself

Put your hand on your heart or on the feeling itself if you can point to the feeling of how you’ve held yourself back if that’s you. And think this thought or speak this aloud after me: 

I forgive myself for every way that I’ve consciously or unconsciously blocked my vision.
I forgive myself for every way that I’ve consciously or unconsciously blocked my vision.
I forgive myself for every way that I’ve consciously or unconsciously blocked my vision. 

And breathe. And then remind yourself: 

I am committed to my vision.
I am committed to my vision. 

And as you take another step into it, allowing it to get crystal clear for you, what does it look like? What are the colors? Who is around you? Who are you serving? How are you leading? Who is supporting you? Feel your passion. Feel it bubbling and expanding in your body. The excitement that this is yours. You’re proving your commitment to this vision right now by allowing yourself to see it completely and clearly. Let the sensation fill every single one of your cells. When you notice that buzzing in your body and let that be amplified, that is your passion. That is your excitement.

Trust Yourself

I know and trust this vision is for me because of how it feels for me. And I am committed to this vision. I am excited every day to take the steps toward this vision, and I operate today as if I am already in this vision. I’m not going to wait to feel the excitement for this vision. I’m not going to wait until I see it in my reality to feel the excitement for it. I’m going to allow myself to feel the excitement and the joy for it right now. I commit to finding the path forward to my vision. I am committed to being the person and to becoming the person who can have this vision. I am committed to both being and becoming the person who can have this vision. 

Feel the passion expanding in your body, the excitement, the joy. And anytime you feel that feeling where there’s any hesitation, you remind yourself, I forgive myself for every way, consciously or unconsciously, that I blocked my vision. I forgive myself for every way that I’ve consciously or unconsciously blocked my vision. And you take another step in and you think about who you need to be to have that vision. 

What qualities of yours do you need to expand? In what ways do you need to see all your energy so that it doesn’t leak? So that you have the energy to fuel the passion for this vision? What new beliefs do you need to have in place to create this vision for yourself? And what beliefs that you’ve held will those new beliefs replace? What are the old beliefs that have kept you from this? Think about those with love, with curiosity, collecting data. It’s not about judging yourself. And then think about what you need to believe instead. What needs to be true for you? What beliefs need to be true for you in order for you to step into this vision fully in your reality? What needs to be released, like a sandbag off of a hot air balloon, for you to have this vision? For you to allow yourself to have this vision? For you to be open to receiving this vision?

Feel The Emotions

As you step into this space even deeper, feeling the feelings of having this vision, feeling the joy, feeling the appreciation and gratitude, and the excitement that you’re living in your vision. Let it come into every one of your cells that it feels so comfortable for you to have this vision and this level of excitement and this level of joy. Allow that feeling to anchor into your body wherever you feel the joy and the passion, the excitement. Notice that right now. Anchor that feeling into your body by noticing it. And notice, I am safe in this vision. I am safe in this vision. This vision may require me to expand to grow, to shift, to change, and I am safe in this vision. This vision is my spirit calling me to my next level. I am safe in this vision. This vision has my fingerprint on it. It was meant for me. This is who I am and who I am becoming. I am safe in this vision. I have faith in myself and in this vision. I trust in this vision. I trust myself to become the person who can have this vision, who can create this vision in her reality, and who can live out this vision and the expansion of her imagination on the other side of it. I am safe in this vision. This vision is for me. No one will have this vision exactly like I will. That’s how I know it’s for me. And I trust that my wisdom, my experiences, and what I am learning, and who I am becoming will help me to simultaneously create and receive this vision. 

Breathe. Release anything that’s not serving the vision, not serving you. And inhale and fuel that passion, fuel that vision, fuel the desire, fuel the trust, and the faith. Fuel the excitement for the vision. Noticing, once again, how you’re feeling in your body. Forgiving any and every way that I have consciously or unconsciously blocked the vision. And anchoring in everything that feels good and exciting and wonderful and passionate and grateful about this mission, this vision, this purpose, this goal, this desire. Breathe. And allow yourself to feel all those feelings now. Amplify those feelings in your body. Simply by noticing them. The excitement, the passion, the faith, and the trust in the vision and in yourself, who you are, who you’ve been, and who you are becoming. 

I want you to amplify those feelings again simply by noticing them in your body. Feeling all those feelings, feeling your senses engaged. And once again, I want you to think about the beliefs. What old beliefs do you need to release to serve yourself and this vision? And what do you need to believe instead? What do you get to believe instead?

Address Limiting Beliefs

If some of the beliefs have been that I don’t deserve this, or no one in my life has had anything like this before, or I’m not sure that I can handle this level of success, this level of my vision, what beliefs would you need to believe instead? Right. I am worthy. I am capable of this. I’ll be the way-shower for those who will come after me. I’ll be the model of how to have your vision, to become the person who can see and feel and taste and smell and hear the vision, to live in it.

For the person who is worried that their vision is too big, I want you to take a big breath, and I want you to feel yourself becoming the person who knows this is just right for you and entrusting it will even expand further, and that you will grow and expand with it. Your vision is big for a reason. It’s yours for a reason. Your vision, your gifts are there for you first and everyone else second. It’s here so you can grow into the person become the person that can hold the vision and can make that vision a reality. It’s for you. No one else will see it or feel it the way you will. It is for you. 

Feel your chest expand. Feel it open. Feel your abdomen steady. When you’re in this trust and this faith and this belief that you can have things as you want them and you can have it because it was meant for you. Because it’s already yours, it already exists. Amplify that passion, that energy, that excitement.

I am committed to my vision. I am committed to becoming the person who can have this next level of vision. I commit to myself and to the vision that I will become who I need to become to be able to have this vision to see it. I am committed to releasing any old beliefs, any old stories, any old patterns so that I can have my vision. I am committed to new stories, new patterns, and new beliefs so I can have this vision even faster than I thought. I am committed to honoring my experience and allowing myself to have the support that I need to move through these things so that I can have my vision. 

Feel it amplify again. Feel the excitement. Honor are all the parts of you that have this grand imagination and this wonderful creativity, honoring and feeling grateful for all the parts who created something out of nothing, so that you could be here with this wisdom. Understanding intelligence, creativity, and creating something on top of that. Trusting that you are no longer creating something out of nothing. You are building upon what you’ve already created. And your vision is closer than you think.

Give yourself a long, slow breath. Come back to this present moment, feel your seat under your seat. And I want you to bring all of those glorious feelings back with you. Give yourself some cleansing breaths and feel the excitement of your vision. Feel the connection to your vision, knowing and trusting that this vision is a gift to you and, a gift for you, and a gift from you. Give yourself another breath. Fully open your eyes if you have them closed at all. Bring yourself into this present moment. Noticing what beliefs and what stories you’re ready to release. What feelings you’re ready to release, and what you’re ready to feel and believe and know instead. Beautiful, give yourself another big breath. Nice easy breath, just amplifying your energy so you can use it for the day ahead. Make your next couple of breaths just a tiny bit faster. Amplify your energy.  Beautiful. 

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Please reach out if I can support you in rewriting the beliefs re installing the new beliefs that you want to have that you know you need to create the vision that you want. And to release anything that is consciously or unconsciously blocking you from having your vision. You can connect with me at You can send me a DM wherever you see this video. Or you can go with called go to to schedule directly. 

Have a beautiful week. Be super loving with yourself. And I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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Rebecca Wiener McGregor, also known as The Anxiety Eraser, is a seasoned transformational hypnotist, trauma healer, and abundance coach. Since 2004, she guides visionary women to break free from anxiety, blocks, traumas, and fears, leading them to a life filled with abundance and purpose. Through her book “Loving Her” and work with conscious women executives, leaders, coaches, and healers worldwide, Rebecca sparks profound transformations, helping her clients embrace their true selves and create impactful, joyful, fulfilling lives.

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