I am thrilled to announce that I did it! I wrote a book and it is my love note to you!  Loving Her10 Loving Standards to Call Forward the Wealthy Woman Inside You shares ten standards designed to help you embody the Wealthy Woman spirit. If connecting with money or the flow of abundance has felt misaligned, just out of reach, or slowed to a trickle use these standards to help you create a way of being that will help you feel happier, lighter, and more ease and flow in every other aspect of your life.

Each of these standards is designed to help you feel more certainty, clarity, and emotional freedom in your life. From trusting in your personal power and operating from love rather than fear to creating your own happiness and success simply by shifting the way you think about your life, Loving Her will awaken an empowered version of yourself who is fully equipped to breathe life into your vision, mission, and purpose.

As a next step I recommend my signature course Extraordinary Wealth. This course is for spiritual women who want a truly extraordinary life – beyond “just the money.”


 Thank you to everyone for your love and support on this love project of mine. I am excited to celebrate with you and hear how this book touches your life. If you feel led, please leave a review on Amazon!