How do you know if you’re blocked or broken?

The answer first and foremost is that if you are breathing, you ain’t broken, sister.

The speaker Mel Robbins said recently that if you have a problem that can be fixed by taking action, but you’re not taking the action, you’re blocked.

What a simple way of looking at it.

Of course, I love that she said this because I believe that’s 100 percent true.

I’ve helped thousands of clients move blocks that cause anxiety, stuck, unworthy, undeserving, stalled, self-sabotaging, and scarcity feelings.

Most of your problems can be solved with different thinking and releasing of blocks.

I recognize that there might be factors in your life that are unchangeable and that these things can cause pain.

Some things are rooted in your thoughts and beliefs.

These are the things that you can shift.

You deserve to know emotional power and freedom.

You deserve to have an extraordinary life full of love, wealth, and impact (and so much more).

Start looking at where you are feeling blocked in your life. Notice how your thoughts and beliefs have influenced or even created these blocks.

One of my greatest mentors was Dr. Wayne Dyer. He always said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

This simple idea has caused me to pause in a moment of confusion or stuckness and look at things from new angles. From there, I have and discovered no ways of being.

When you look at your own thought patterns, you’ll find that the things you can change are many and can even help you release suffering about some of the things you cannot change.

If you are ready to make some changes to the way you look and think about things in your life because you’re ready to have an easier life, I’m here to help. Just hit reply and let me know. I’ll help you find the answers, and I’ll show you what is a block.

Are you ready for more, you beautiful (not broken) being?

Why else would you be here? 😉

I am here for you. Just reach out and start a convo with me.