Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Amplifier of Love, Catalyst for Breakthroughs, Anxiety Eraser
Celebrating 20 Years of Service

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💗 Joy Bufalini Simplify to Multiply

“I highly recommend working with Rebecca. I worked with her at a time when I was having a lot of anxiety and doubting myself, despite the fact that my business was growing and successful. Hypnotherapy was powerful modality for me that I had used in the past, so coming back to hypnotherapy with Rebecca was like coming home. We worked together to clear things from my past that were dragging me down, and I was able to continue to lead and grow my business. Rebecca is a safe space and I have seen the fruit of the deeper healing ripple still now years later. “

💗 Tracy Fixen

“I chose to work with Rebecca because she has a loving and caring approach. It was something I really needed. My session with her pointed out all of things and I needed to work on, including learning to love and be gentle with myself, to let go of certain things to really focus on why I started my business to begin with. I sat in awe and such clarity after our session. YOU ARE WORTH the investment. It not only transformed my business, but every area of my life.”

💗 Private Client

Working with Rebecca has been a beautiful re-set for my personal life and a transformative experience for our small business. She has guided me through the process of addressing old wounds and healing them. She has given me tools to move energy and mindset from negative to positive. She has helped me align my actions to my beliefs and given me a perspective of my life from a higher level. My brain is calmer, I have increased self-confidence, I have developed clarity about business relationships and seen our business grow in so many positive ways. She has taught me the gift and mindset of gratitude, which has shifted all aspects of my life for the good.

Rebecca is brilliant in her methodology, she is authentic and kind and genuine about transformation. She is outstanding at problem-solving from a loving perspective. I whole-heartedly recommend her for guidance in creating a healed and abundant life.

💗 Charie Jackson Behavioral Specialist + App Developer

“Rebecca, I love you. You are a light in this world. You always know how to get to the root of the fear and help me work it out. I have turned so many limiting thoughts into loving truths about myself. I can really feel the shift and I know my next level is here. I am designing my own app! Thank you.”

💗 Sarah Rhea Werner GIRL IN SPACE Podcast

From the very first lesson of this extraordinary course, I began to have powerful realization after powerful realization. And as my mind began to change, my life began to change, too. I’ve been working on a project that landed me an extra $85,000! It feels like I am dreaming. If you’re ready for some serious positive change, I cannot recommend Rebecca’s Extraordinary Wealth course enough! Especially valuable are the twice a month coaching calls where Rebecca appears live to help you push through limiting beliefs and achieve new levels of understanding about yourself and the larger world.

💗 Private Client

Holy moly, this was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and my life! 

I was introduced to the magnificent Rebecca at a time of overwhelm and exhaustion from big life stressors and decades of “managing” anxiety. I had tried so many other treatments and tools, but nothing had truly helped. Meeting her felt like divine intervention.

Rebecca creates a safe, non-judgmental space for healing. When I decided to work with her, I accepted that this would be an active experience that would require effort. What I didn’t realize was how easy Rebecca would make it for me. She is so skilled. There were so many breakthroughs and so much beautiful healing – just wow!

Amazing results were immediate! Instead of simply making it through, I now look forward to each day. THAT IS HUGE!! And I do so while feeling calm and relaxed. I am no longer afraid of sex as the pain is gone! I am present and embodied. I’ve even released some excess weight. I feel the tension that had built up over so many years has dissolved, and I am no longer tightly wound. I could go on but will sum up by saying that the healing has given me the freedom to live an enjoyable life in which I can finally dream again. I highly recommend working with Rebecca. She is amazingly gifted!!”

💗 Private Client

Rebecca saved my life. Before working with her, I valued money more than life itself. Meaning if there were a financial scarcity, I’d be ready to call it quits on earth. My reactions to problems were that drastic. After working with her, I have this indescribable peaceful feeling within no matter what is going on in the world – in the past year alone, we’d been through lawsuits, deaths of dear ones, and clients dropping out – and still, I know and trust that God and His guardian angels have a beautiful plan for me and envelope me in the utmost love – that even if we were to “lose it all,” we would be okay and provided for by the divine in the most incredibly unexpected ways. This kind of peace and sense of childlike wonder for the unknown is priceless, so Rebecca is definitely worth the investment.

While working with Rebecca, I hit my highest revenue month ever, and not only that, but we walked through the upper limits that came up when that occurred, too. My personal relationships have expanded into so much more love and serenity and wayyyyy less ego and fear and combustible interactions.

And I’m happy to be connected with anyone needing to speak to a past client – I know that’s something my husband valued when we chose to work with you.

💗 Brooke Private Client

I just have to say, Rebecca’s the best!

When I was hitting roadblocks and feeling overwhelmed with life, I knew that I needed some guidance. From the very first moment chatting with Rebecca during our initial consult, I knew that she was the one to help. I’ve enlisted the assistance many mentors, spiritual advisors, and healers throughout the years and, I have to say, my work with Rebecca has been the deepest and most profound. Since our sessions have ended, I no longer feel anxiety over aspects in my business, I no longer feel burdened by feelings from the past, and I communicate with my family and those around me more effectively. I am confidently setting and reaching new business goals and I simply feel more joyful. Thanks, Rebecca, for all that you do!”

💗 Mel Vickers Transformational Coach/Energy Healer

“I understand the world energetically, and I have shifted my energetic experience from exhaustion, depletion and deficit into flow, ease and abundance. My desire now is to shift or transform the thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that keep me from experiencing abundance in the physical, to attract wealth on all levels and tap into/live from the limitless potential that is our birthright.

Extraordinary Wealth is bringing into conscious awareness the limited beliefs I hold around scarcity of time and money, and what I believe that to mean for me personally. It is inviting me to step more and more fully into my worth. It is teaching me techniques and tools that enable me to release fear and scarcity mindset in order to choose more empowered thoughts and create new beliefs that support my journey to abundance. I’m so grateful for this beautiful gift. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for guiding me to accessing expansion, freedom and wealth with grace and ease.”

💗 Jillian Priviate Client

I had known of Rebecca for years and had always loved her energy and our conversations.  I was at a point in my life where I was looking for a new mentor and a new journey of healing so, I had a conversation with Rebecca.  She explained to me what that looked like with her and I knew it was exactly what I should do.  She was someone who would take me to the deepest level of healing.

From the beginning there were major shifts. There were things that I had completely forgotten about from my childhood that were affecting me today.  I was able to come to peace with past events in my life and understand why I felt the way I did about things I was dealing with today.  There was a feeling of clarity and release with every session.

Because of the work I did with Rebecca, I feel a deep level of healing and understanding.  It can be scary to dive into those dark parts, the shadow parts of you.  It is emotional and can be exhausting.  But it is worth it.  The amount of weight and heaviness that is released, the amount of peace and joy you can experience from doing the “work” is priceless.  I could not recommend Rebecca more.  She is a safe source for healing.”

💗 Stephaine Wilde

During these couple of crazy years, I’ve been able to create MORE income and even launched a new line of jewelry. I would have never imagined myself staying on track and even increasing my income during and after a pandemic. Thank you for being a constant source of light on my journey.”

💗 Laura McElroy

Just going to put this out there… I read my manifesto out loud with passion last night before bed. My alarm went off at 4:00 this morning and I jumped out of bed with more energy than I have had in a long time!! BONUS: $3000 unexpectedly showed up for me this week!