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Hi! I am Rebecca.

Amplifier of Love. Catalyst of Breakthroughs.

I’m so glad that you are here. I am a consulting hypnotist and  breakthrough-maker coach to high-achieving women entrepreneurs. Get unstuck, get into alignment, + feel limitless.


Open your mind to abundant thinking, elevate your life and live in your truth and vision.


Move forward, heal trauma, be happy. Your mind is designed to heal and you can learn how.


Connect to like-minded women to feel empowered, encouraged and supported on your journey.


Step-by-step experience courses with daily and weekly support to help you take control.


Guest appearances and upcoming events to share wisdom, offer encouragement and to connect.


Tune in to Fear is a Mother F*er, or find other podcasts/blogs that Rebecca has been a guest on.

I help visionary women RISE UP and THRIVE in Clarity, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance + Presence. 


You are needed to take your message and impact to the next level. Success by your definition is not about your to-do list and all the actions. It’s about being in complete alignment with your Truth and creating a life filled with the personal freedom to live our everything in your imagination. 


Go from broke, blocked, and stuck to a calm, confident, “wealthy woman” mindset… AND do it all while doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP INSIDE

Extraordinary Wealth is a sacred, centered place to help you expand your mindset to call in the wealth (love + freedom) you desire. As soon as you join you’ll have access to the start of something big, getting the clarity and focus that you’ve been lacking…with step-by-step proven methods taught by yours truly. All in just a few minutes a day!


There is power in connecting to like-minded women. Fellow entrepreneurs and business women that hunger for growth and up-leveling. Join the FREE Facebook group for community, support, and inspiration from other amazing women just like you! Rebecca is present in the group and hosts LIVES, card reading and Q+A Sessions each month. Come connect with us!

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

This program took my business to the next level! Rebecca helped me grow my business while putting boundaries in place so that I could put my family first. We worked to find creative fun solutions that were realistic, tailored to my lifestyle and values, and made the best use of my time. She helped me to empower my employees to support me in the best ways possible so I could be more efficient and work smarter. My business has grown and I’m enjoying more family time than ever! She taught me a completely different mindset and I’ve done a 180* from negativity to positivity.

Stephanie W., Owner of SayAnythingJewelry.com

I just tried to make everyone happy all the time and I was empty. This framework helped me discover what I really want and what fills me up. Now I am stronger and feel more powerful…and wealthier. I paid off over $17,000 in debt thanks to you.

Susan, Health Mentor

I can honestly say Rebecca’s coaching style comes from a place that is so heartfelt, so authentic, and so thought provoking (while being encouraging and supportive at the same time). I have found myself in a complete heart opening experience during sessions as I explored my own personal dreams, goals, and aspirations. She has empowered me to face my fears and live life to my truest potential while serving as a consummate cheerleader from the sidelines. I hear her voice even when she isn’t there and recognize that this is proof that she has impacted my thought process for life.

Ashley H.

When I write, I share my heart

Are you interested or committed to your success?

Significant transformations are happening for me in this wild year. I am thankful. I'm having lots of internal shifting happening that helps me release judgment, offer forgiveness (to myself and others), feel joyful acceptance, and overall ease and flow. Ahhh. I love...

Release the fog and become unstoppable

On Tuesday I had a live stream in my Facebook Community about 3 Ways to Find Clarity. Having a clear path makes knowing what actions to take and actually taking them so much easier. Without clarity, we can spin and spin in the shoulds and why-don't-I-try-this ideas in...

Do you long for a super clear path?

Clarity is the name of the game right now. There are plenty of distractions happening. If you allow them, they will take you away from your mission and path to share your gifts. If you don't know what you want and I mean REALLY WANT, the path gets foggy. When you have...

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